Del Campo Manifesto

Born out of passion for eating the best fruits and vegetables, Diego Ley started growing his own fresh produce on a few acres thirty years ago. Now his 3rd generation family owned business continues to thrive and is dedicated to delivering the best tasting tomatoes and peppers year round. Del Campo’s heritage is deeply rooted in family and giving back to the community providing great jobs throughout Mexico and North America.

Del Campo has invested in world class greenhouse facilities and use state-of-the-art agricultural and sustainability practices. Owning and managing the entire supply chain including packing and warehouse facilities protects the quality of each handpicked tomato and pepper.

Del Campo continually searches for innovative and delicious new varieties. A significant portion of each greenhouse is dedicated to just trialing new varieties. As a result t’mates on the vine cocktail tomatoes and sweet baby bell peppers were recently and successfully introduced to the market, quickly becoming a consumer favorite!

Philosophy & Values    

Del Campo’s unique philosophy and values has earned them the recognition of a “People First” organization. People are the heart and soul of this company and are treated with care and respect.

Del Campo provides a safe and rewarding place to work, to learn and be a part of a great community. On-site daycare, schooling and health programs are just a few of the things Del Campo provides for their employees.